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Kitchen Gardens of Westchester helps Beginner and Intermediate gardeners with their projects. We focus on raising Organic Heirloom varieties of Vegetables, Salads, Herbs & Spices.

Kitchen Gardens of Westchester is 100% owned by a Veteran, Bruce Davison.

Bruce Davison grew up in Westchester. After graduating from West Point and completing his service as an Army Officer on Active Duty in Europe, he returned to Westchester to raise a family.

22 years ago Bruce bought an old Farmhouse in Northern Westchester and worked the land trying different methods and found Raised Bed Gardens to be the most practical and productive method, however he has experience in many aspects of building gardens.

Bruce’s wealth of practical experience and varied skills offer many options to help gardeners in Westchester, Putnam and surrounding areas.


Mamaroneck Raised Bed Garden with separate deer fence

  • Front yard garden!
  • 4x8 foot bed design is very popular separate deer fence provides extra space to expand
  • Cedar gate and trim
  • White cover extends growing season

Westchester Fully Enclosed Gardens With Raised Beds

The fully enclosed kitchen gardens are entirely enclosed or surrounded by fences and netting. The purpose of enclosing the garden is to protect them from pests, and creating a controlled environment for growing plants.

Here are some key features and benefits of a fully enclosed kitchen garden:

  1. Pest Protection: Enclosing the garden helps prevent pests like rabbits, deer, birds, and insects from damaging or consuming the crops. This can lead to healthier plants and higher yields.

  2. Controlled Environment: Enclosed gardens allow for better control over factors like temperature, humidity, and light exposure. This can be particularly useful for growing sensitive plants or extending the growing season.

  3. Crop Rotation and Soil Management: Enclosed gardens make it easier to practice crop rotation and implement soil management techniques such as composting and mulching, leading to healthier soil and plants over time.


Irvington Keyhole Garden

  • Combines deer fence with a perimeter bed and one center 4ft x 8ft bed.
  • Added Cedar trim on top of the beds to make it very comfortable to gather, sit, and work inside the garden.
  • Eliminates bending over, easier to see, weed, plant, harvest

Chappaqua Tiered Garden


  • Replaced a garden with - no beds, on a slope
    4foot fence
  • weeded over
  • Added a center stone path. 


    • Moved the path closer to the house to maximize hours of sun. The house throws shade at certain times of the day.
    • Raised beds 4x10 feet
    • Custom 8-foot trellis for Vining vegetables; cherry tomatoes, Cucumbers, pole beans, snap peas
    • 6-foot deer fence
    • Included stepping stones plus gravel paths

Large Garden with Trellises in Katonah, NY

Estate Garden 120 x 80 feet 

  • List of 30 vegetables and fruit including blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, corn, Okra, multiple salads
  • Garden Design, install, harvest and maintenance 
  • Custom trellises for Butternut Squash, Snap Peas, Noodle King Green Beans, Cherry Tomatoes & Cucumbers 

Built Custom Trellises

    • Organize the garden and provide beautiful structures year-round.
    • Vertical gardening saves space, maximizes the space you have

Kitchen Garden in Bedford

  • Bedford, NY
  • Beautiful garden alongside pool area
  • Table and chairs incorporated in the design
  • Entire Garden leveled

Weld 4-level Tiered Garden in Dobbs Ferry

Weeded unused corner of the property


  • Used existing stone steps leftover from old construction
    Level beds and level paths
    Landscape cloth with white gravel paths